YewCats Cattery

 ~A Breeder Specializing in Traditional Siamese and Himalayan Cats~
  YewCats is a small Southern California based cattery, concerned with the breeding of Traditional Siamese Himalayan kittens, so that they will always be available as pets to the people who love them. These Siamese kittens and Himalayan kittens brighten the lives of the humans they own. You are never alone with one or more of these Himalayan kittens or Siamese kittens in your home. Look at the pictures of the Himalayan kittens and the Siamese kittens to see how much fun they are.
  We love to watch our babies grow up to be your pets. We never tire of our babies, but we at YewCats understand that there is an over population of kitties. At one time we did cat rescue. Now we keep the number of beautiful kittens low so there are not too many kitties in the world. It is hard to understand how there could be homeless kittens. Now our goal is save the traditional Siamese and Himalayans by raising a small number of the best kitties we can for you.
  Our kitties have tested negative for FELV, FIV, and the Himalayans have tested negative for PKD. We give them the best care we can.
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