Traditional Himalayans

  Himalayan Kittens:

A Red-Point Himalayan kitten   Himalayan kittens are just so much fun. Since the 1950s, when Himalayan cats became better known, people have found them to be wonderful companions.  They have the Siamese cat color pattern, but the Persian cat temperament.  In the 1950s and 1960s Himalayan cats and Persian cats also had long noses. They did not have the breathing problems a short nose or flat face causes. These were traditional Himalayan cats. Himalayan cats have points.  That is a darker coloration on the face, a mask, ears, tail, feet and legs.  Because these color points were found on rabbits, and goats in the Himalayan Mountains in Asia, the kitties got the name Himalayan kittens.  Himalayan cats are one of the comparatively few breeds of domesticated animals with a complete and verifiable history of origin. Miss Virginia Cobb and Dr. Clyde Keeler were among the very first to create what is now known as the Himalayan cat.  Those of us who love these wonderful kitties thank them for their efforts.

  Children and Himalayan kittens can be a good combination. Children under six should not be left alone with the little kitten. The kitten should have a place it can go to get away from the children. A cat tree with an enclosed area up high is good. Under the sofa or bed will work. Children should be told that kitty needs to rest in its special place and when to leave it alone for a while. Children should be taught how to pick up and hold a kitten. Scratches and struggles can be avoided if the kitten doesn't feel that it will fall or it is not a painful experience for the kitten. Pressure or force on the tail or on the kitten must be avoided. The tail should not be bent or tucked under in an unnatural way. Sometimes Himalayan kitten are so laid back they are just too sweet to protect themselves from a rough child or a very young child. Himalayan kittens are so loving that they should always be treated gently. They make a wonderful best friend for children and adults. Himalayan kittens will listen to secrets and never repeat them. They talk to you in a sweet voice and love to watch TV from your lap. They like to be included in all activities. Reading a newspaper is a lot of fun, especially with a purring kitten in the middle of the paper. That is a good place for them because it makes it so easy for you to pet the kitten and forget the paper.

A red-point Himalayan kitten   YewCats thinks that the only thing better than having one Himalayan kitten is having two Himalayan kittens.  Some folks buy one Himalayan kitten from YewCats or one Siamese kitten and then later buy another Siamese kitten or Himalayan kitten from YewCats. The secret of having all your animals get along happily together lies greatly in the proper introductions. Literature and verbal instructions come with your kitten from YewCats on how to introduce your kitten to other animals in your family. Watching the interaction and play that results is great fun.

  Himalayan kittens have such wonderful personalities. They are so sweet. Hold your kitten a lot when it is young if you want it to be a lap cat. Your kitten can be left alone while you are at work, and unlike a dog will be happy staying inside.  Himalayan kittens only ask for a sunny place to take a nap and soak up Vitamin D, water and food and a litter box.  How wonderful to come home to a little ball of fur and love. 

What Is a Traditional Himalayan?

  Traditional Himalayans tend to have Siamese coat colors with calm and lovable Persian personalities. A long haired Siamese is a Balinese; which is another breed. A Himalayan cat is a Persian cat with the color pattern of a Siamese cat.

  It is wonderful to live with a Himalayan kitten. People owned by a Himalayan kitten canít stop talking about how sweet their Himalayan kitten is. Sheila is no exception when telling me about her Himalayan kitten:

Christi and Flame
"Hi Marie,"
  "I thought I would let you know how things were going with our beautiful Himalayan kitten. In a word, she is wonderful, just what I hoped for.  She is affectionate and playful, loves to cuddle and sleep in my lap. When I enter the house, she comes running and often will respond to my voice when I call her.  She's never missed the litter box (whew!), even as we've expanded her territory from one room to the whole house. Seal-point Himalayan Kittens She and the dog are still getting used to each other.  She hisses at the dog (a 65 pound retriever who was raised with cats) after which I swear the dog looks quizzically at me and my husband as if to say, "is this cat for real?"  My children and grandchildren enjoy her too, right along with the dog. Monday was my oldest daughter's birthday and we had a family party at my house.  After opening gifts, my daughter dangled one of the curly bows in front of the kitten who entertained us all by 'attacking' the bow and her tail for about 15 minutes, nonstop."

Sheila, Simi Valley Fat Dance

"Hi Marie,"
  "We made it back to Marin through all that rain and I hope you two had no problems getting home, either. It took us hours to get through LA alone. Our kitty behaved like a champ throughout. He's at home right now playing with Charlie and seems to feel at home already. He and Phoenix have met and are working out their boundaries, but so far everybody's happy. We're supervising at all times, of course! Thanks again for our little Sherman (we think that's his new name, anyway). He's a sweetheart."
A Flame-Point male Regards,

"Hi Marie,"
  "My name is Ann-Marie and last fall I was inquiring about a kitten, wrote you that I would have to wait. Mean while my husband contacted you secretly and purchased a red-point little girl. To say the least, I was so overjoyed when he came home and laid her next to me. It was one of the happier moments and second best surprises he ever gave me. The first of course was his marriage proposal! "I named her Lola and she is just a beautiful cat. Lola is very much attached to me and follows me every where. She loves to snuggle and be held like a baby. I have never had a cat that was so trainable. My husband had never had a cat before and he said he never cared for them. After a week with Lola he changed his tune! Of course he kisses Lola first when he comes home. Lola brings such joy to my husband and I.
Thank you for breeding healthy and beautiful kittens."
To Be or Not to Be...
Ann-Marie DeRosa

"Hi Marie,"
  "I wanted to let you know that we're in love with Sherman -- he's just a great kitten and quite the acrobat. Phoenix the dog and he are best pals! Here is a recent photo ..."

Beth and Charlie

"Hi Marie,"
  "I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for the wonderful kittens. Penny and Maja are doing really well. They've got very distinct personalites--Penny's a talker and very affectionate, Maja's quiet and a bit reserved--and are a real joy to Udo and me. Thanks again for the wonderful additions to our family. I've attached a few more pictures as well. They're both beautiful, and all of our friends are envious of our cats."


I Need my Privacy "Hi Marie,"
  "You certainly didn't exaggerate about the sweetness of your kittens, I couldn't be more pleased. He jumps and bounds around like a little wind-up toy such that I find myself laughing out loud at his antics. I must say that the bonding has begun. When I leave his sight he has a little kitty fit. I can't express the pleasure I receive when he crawls into my lap or up onto my chest when I'm seated in my recliner and he stretches out and takes a nap. He has a really nice little motor(purrs) and it starts up at the drop of a hat. He is eating, drinking, and using the litter box fine. I must thank you for returning the joy of a cat to my home. He is currently at my feet untying my shoe laces as I type.
Again, thank you Marie for a great little kitten."

Pillow Fight A Blue-Point Kitten Mr. Sombrero Seal Himalayan Seal Himalayan 2 Seal Himalayans  Flame Himalayan Flame Himalayan Flame Himalayan Flame Himalayan Flame Kittens Flame Himalayan Flame Himalayan

  They look at you with big blue eyes and melt your heart. They have sweet temperaments and quickly become family members. Kittens can be quite playful, but adults prefer to watch TV on their owner's lap, or "read" books or newspapers on their owner's lap. Seal Himalayan Seal Himalayan
Lasagna sounds good..

How Do You Get a Traditional Himalayan Kitten

To get a pet Himalayan kitten you can e-mail me. I do not let the Siamese kittens go until they are litter box trained, drinking water and eating solid food, and have had their first shot.
To answer you, I must have your name, city, and state. Be sure and tell if you want a Himalayan kitten or Siamese kitten.
E-Mail: Phone: (760)-758-0739
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