YewCats Kittens and Their New Parents

  Pictures and Letters From Happy Kitten Parents:

Hi Marie,
   "He is a delight.  I think he has doubled in size since last Saturday. He now jumps out of my tub onto the floor and runs around the house to find us.  He is curious and funny and has to be always where we are. He eats, then I put him in his cat box, he pee pees and then is ready to play ...then falls asleep.  He eats like a horse (about five meals a day).  I tried chewed up steak and chicken breast which he wolfs down everytime I give it to him.  He loves the cat food and also baby food which he will eat from a spoon.  He sleeps through the night without whining and is ready to eat and play when I get up.  He loves to sleep at the nap of my neck and on the top of two of my most expense chairs.  He knows when you tell him "no" but sometimes goes back when I am not looking to the activity he should not be doing.  I think for a small baby he is really well behaved.  HE seems happy and content just being with me at whatever I may be doing.  Right now he is playing with a price ticket on my desk shoving it around and biting it.  He loves wadded up paper that he kicks around like a soccer player.  A minute ago I put my head down next to him on the chair and he rubbed against my face about 4 times.  I think that is scent marking or making me his own.  He's very happy and he brings great joy back into my life.  He just fell fast asleep on my desk his head atop crossed paws.  What a precious sight.  He is just the new companion I had dreamed about.  Thank You.  He is purring now.  He's sound asleep but purring."


Hi Marie,
  "He's doing so well. He and the dogs have become real friends, with Leo his big brother.  We just adore him and are so happy to have him in our lives."

Mike and Herb

Hi Marie,
  "On November 10, I met you and your husband near the Star of India to pick up my new siamese kitten.  I had recently lost my "Buster" and I badly needed a replacement.  I am very happy to report that my kitten is the apple of my eye.  As it turns out, I named him Buster also, I kept calling him that, he reminds me so much of the first one, I finally gave up and gave him that name.  We all love him very much, he is a delightful little guy.  My older cat even plays with him a little, but he gets tired real easy.  He eats real good, is very, very affectionate and smart!  He already will come when I call him by name.  Thank you again Marie, from the bottom of my heart."


Hi Marie,
  "I will definitely write more and will take and send pictures.  Yes, Belle has grown quite a bit; she's a very good eater and boy, does she love to play!  I'm off to Petco later (my new "Home") to get more moist food and to buy a cat house, the scratching post/house combination.  She has a tall scratching post that has two feathers tied to an elastic piece, but I thought she'd like a something larger and more fun.  She and I are soooo close; sometimes she just stares at me while in my arms, purring up a storm."


Hi Marie,
  "Thought you would like to know that we are doing fine.  I have named him Rufus.  He and Sam are doing well together.  He is a lovely sweet kitten, just as you said.  He loves to be held and to be with me.  He cries if he doesn't know were I am.  At night he sleeps on the pillow next to my head.  He eats enthusiastically, and plays the same way.  Sam likes to watch that, and even joins in a little.  We are all having a good time!"


Hi Marie,  "Well we made it through the first night.  He is adorable, a delight, an imagazining personality, and loves to lick our faces and lips.  I think he feels comfortable.  I just fed him his second breakfast about a teaspoon of slightly warmed food.  He scarfed it down.  Now he is here on the desk with me in the office investigating everything.  I think he is going to be more of a lap cat than Napoleon.   He cannot stand for us not to be holding him.  He is now attacking a pen on my desk.  I think he is happy and he is really happy when I am holding him.  He is everything you said he would be and more.  There is joy in my heart again and Robb is loving every moment with this kitten.  I will keep in touch."


Hello Marie,
  "Thank you so much for the pictures.  We have taken so many already, I will send you off some good ones in the next day or two.  I also have to thank you for one of the sweetest, playful and of course cutest kittens that I have ever seen.  We are completely in love.  He has such a spunky, great personality and he is such a little love!  We are just overly pleased with him.  He is already 'making friends' with our dog too.  He's just a great little guy.  You breed true quality!" "


Hi Marie,
  "Yes, we were definitely meant to be together.  You have no idea how much I love my little boy.  He is by far the most loving cat I've ever had, not to mention his stunning looks.  What a personality too!!!  Can you tell I'm his proud mom?"


Hi Marie,
  "I have to tell you that all went well.  Kobe never cried at all.  He purrs when he is being held and I did'nt here him talk until this morning when I turned the shower on.  He was very vocal and let me know in no uncertain terms that he disliked the sound.  The minute I turned it off he was quiet.  He used the Litterbox, and he drinks well.  We had playtime last night before he went to bed.  He loves his bed and goes to it all the time.  He likes it in the bathroom and has actually settled in very well.  I am sure in another day or two he will graduate to my Bedroom.  I am Head over Heels in love with him."


Hi Marie,
  "I absolutely adore Samba.  He is charming and beautiful and smart and fun and cuddly and sweet and perfect.  Im sitting at my desk, which Samba just learned how to climb up to.  Hes fascinated with my typing and, as a matter of fact, just typed this: Fswg6yas.  (I think its kitty talk for Hello Marie, Im happy and safe, love, Samba.)  I want to tell you the sweetest surprise happened on Saturday afternoon.  Samba was tired after a morning of play.  He stepped into my hand and lay down with his face in my palm and fell asleep!  I thought I wouldnt move for days.  As soon as I awaken in the morning hes at my head to greet me good morning, purring."


Hi Marie,
  "We have absolutely fallen in love with our kitten we are smitten!  She is so much fun dancing all around and playing nonstop until she just drops and says 'Okay, I need a nap or a drink of water or excuse me while I use the litter box!'  We have named her Ms. Balou Shoo Shoo so sometimes it is Ms Balou.  She seems to be responding well and is so smart.  I think she already knew what no meant but she does not use her claws even when playing in a very frisky manner.  She started Preschool 101 this week which means she has had more freedom around the house and is doing quite well with it.  She has her favorite toys but is quite happy with a brown paper bag.  I love when she cuddles up next to me or on my lap or in my arms or on my chest to take a catnap.  I have most of two weeks off from work during the holidays so it has worked out to be perfect timing to be around her more; she is already very attached to both Ed and myself."

  Ms. Balou is growing like crazy; I think she has doubled in size in the last two weeks.  She is happy and still getting used to everything and exploring and having fun.  We play with her lots and she likes to be in the same room with us so she follows us around to whatever floor we are on and then plays contentedly.  I know she would love a cat play mate also.  She loves Ed and yesterday found a sock of his that he left on the floor in the closet and soon she was shaking it and throwing it up in the air like a mouse.  A few minutes later, she came running by with it in her mouth and under the bed she went.  I told Ed if he didnt want to lose his socks, he needs to put them in the dirty clothes basket.  Well later that evening she was under the bed and started sneezing and out! came the sock!  It was pretty funny so maybe Eds socks are safe after all."

Marcia & Ed

Hi Marie,
  "Now that she's warmed up to me, she won't leave me alone (lol).  I've been playing with her since I got home from work.  I wish I had 1/100th of her energy.  She takes flying leaps all over the place.  She loves to snuggle and purrs very loudly.  She's discovered that the comforter on my bed is a wonderful place to sleep.  She's so funny ... I have mirrored closet doors and she keeps attacking "the other cat" in the mirror.  She has such a puzzled look on her face because she can't get "the other cat" to play with her.  I wish I had a camcorder.  She's so funny! 
She's eating very well ... more than I expected her to.  She's a very clean kitty when it comes to her potty.  She loves to dig in it and make sure that everything is covered up just right. 

I'm going to have to buy her a lot more of those feather sticks.  She just loves to play with it, and has ripped out almost half the feathers in just a few days."


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