Traditional Siamese

 Intellects and Talkers of The Cat World

  These are the intellects of the cat world. Siamese are talkers! If you want a smart cat to carry on a conversation with you, this is the cat for you. No one should be surprised that their Siamese kitten meows to them. If you want a silent cat, this is NOT the cat for you!
History OThe Siamese
  The legend is that when English Consul General, Owen Gould, went to pay his farewell call on the King of Siam, the monarch offered him anything in his place to take home with him.  Mrs. Gould asked for a pair of Siamese cats, much to the king’s dismay, for these cats were only housed in temples and palaces of Siam.  Anyway, in 1884 the Goulds brought a pair to England. Apparently ailurophiles, visiting friends in Britain brought some to the United States.  These cats were seal points and of course traditional Siamese. Siamese seem to know they are descended from royalty.  I think their mother’s tell them when they are kittens.
Siamese Kittens
  What a wonderful thing it is to come home to a Siamese kitten!  Your home is never empty when you have one of these wonderful creatures in it.  Siamese cats can carry on a conversation with you.  They make a number of sounds and some of the sounds begin to sound very much like human words.  The more you talk to your Siamese cat the more it understands your language.  To that they add affectionate head-bonks (in Siamese cat language that means I love you).  The Siamese kitten cheek and body rubbed against you means you are my special person.  Add to this the Siamese kitten nose-touch and chirp and you know you are loved and special.  Not only that you do not have to take your Siamese cat out for a walk.  Scratching posts and a sunny perch by a window will provide your Siamese cat exercise.  Add to those fun toys, such as a feather on a wand that you move around and your kitten has exercise and excitement.  No wonder you are treated as a much loved, special person.

  Your Siamese kitten will insist on being included in every activity. Your kitten will help you with house work.  Your kitty will help you read the newspaper by lying in the center of the paper.  Then you can forget about the boring old paper and pet the kitty. Dust mops are a wonderful activity for the kitten.  Your house may not be cleaned, but the antics of the kitten will have you smiling.

  The greeting at the door and welcoming comments are very different from the sharp meows telling you it is time to be fed.  After all no sane mouse would dare enter your home.  Pull out the cat food!

  Siamese kittens are beautiful, especially the traditional or applehead Siamese.  These traditional Siamese cats have strong full sized bones and apple shaped heads.  Their eyes are not too close and they seem much healthier.  Siamese kittens have color points.  There is a darker coloration on the face, ears, tail, feet and legs (a pattern developed in Siam long ago).  ; The Siamese kittens and cats guarded temples and lived in palaces.  They were royalty.  Lovers of Siamese cats are forever grateful to the folks that brought them to England and then to America.  Thank you.  Siamese kittens know they are descended from royalty.  I think their mothers tell them so when they are kittens.  No wonder people who love them tend to treat them with the respect they deserve and sometimes demand.

  YewCats believes there is one thing better than a Siamese kitten.  What is that?  It is two traditional Siamese kittens or a traditional Siamese kitten and a traditional Himalayan kitten. The secret of having all you furry friends living happily together lies greatly in the proper introductions.  Literature and verbal instructions come with your kitten from YewCats on how to introduce your kitten to other animals in your family. Watching the interaction and play that result is great fun.

  When a Siamese kitten owns you, you have a piece of wildlife in your home, but domesticated; so it is a joy.  How else could you have a family member who brings nature into your life in such a fun way?

Chocolate Point Siamese Kitten The Siamese Cat's Mind
 One only has to look at the beautiful face or into the blue eyes of a traditional Siamese cat to know there is intelligence in that little head.  Most owners of these wonderful cats know that the Siamese cat is the easiest cat to talk to.  Most owners carry on conversations with them.  They will listen and comment sometimes loudly back.  One wonders just how much they understand.  If they had a human voice box they would no doubt tell us.  Yet they do talk in ways that we humans get the meaning of what they are saying.  It is such a funny thing to hear you kitty trying to eat and talk to you at the same time. Even Siamese kittens do this.  Sometimes it seems that kitty is saying this is wonderful.  "I want this often, and even though my mouth is full I must tell you all about it."
  When looking deep into those wonderful eyes, I have the feeling that Siamese cats can read human minds.  Then I think no, this is silly, yet others have the same feelings.  A lady who bought one of the beautiful YewCat’s Siamese kittens wrote me about her aunt who lives in Canada and dabbled in pet-communication.  The aunt called her and said she had a conversation with her kitten and asked him why he did so many funny antics.  I don’t think they had told the aunt about their new kitten that was making them all laugh.  The aunt went on to say the kitty told her it was fun for him also and he had to try things out.

Rodney wrote to us about his Siamese kitten:
  "I’ve finally came up with a name for the kitten that I got from you.  Her name is "Kona", which means "woman" in Hawaiian   She is past her "getting used to me stage" and her personality is really starting to show.   My whole family loves her and she brings nothing but good vibes to whoever she's around.  Kona doesn't have a single problem with people at all, just pet her and she'll fall asleep on your lap, chest, leg, wherever she can get comfy.   Like you said, she's very vocal; she always talks to me all day and demands my full attention.   Thanks again for bringing Kona into our lives."
  Sincerely, Rodney

Brenda wrote to us about her Siamese kitten:
  "He has turned out to be the most wonderful ball of fire you could ever want.   He leaps, springs, cavorts and tears through the house as if his tail were on fire.   Call him to you though and he's quite content to plop down in your lap and nuzzle away for as long as you'll let him stay.   We tried to name him something regal to fit his Siamese stature.   Names such as Jasper and Sampson were tried, but he didn't respond to any of them.   Then our 5 year old daughter called him ’Blooper’ one day and he came running to her.  Amazing that a cat would choose such an odd name, but he liked it and always comes when we call him."

Marcia and Ed wrote:
    "We have named her Ms. Gracie and we already love her.  She is fitting right in here and acts like she has lived here forever.  This little one is confident, fearless and precocious!  She really hates being put into a room by herself.  Our older cat, ShuShu hissed the first day and growled a couple times but they are doing great now.  We just remind her not to get too aggressive but Gracie just goes right back and jumps at her or rolls over and puts her paws up.  When ShuShu walks away, Gracie runs right after her! This is going to be quite interesting watching these two.  ShuShu liked to hide but not Ms Gracie – oh no, she is right out there in the thick of everything!  She eats like crazy!  And heads right to ShuShu’s dish when ShuShu goes to hers."
  Marcia and Ed

Hi Marie,
  "I wanted to let you know how Latte is doing. She is such a little clown, and so smart!. She is just adorable and our family is loving her. Even the older cat is used to her now. Thank you for hand raising such a loving kitten. We'll send pictures soon."

Hello Marie,
  "My name is Magdalena and I live in San Diego.  A year ago my husband and I got our Chatty (male seal point) from you.  We are very happy with him, we love his personality and he became very quickly a part of our family.  I think Chatty’s favorite person is my husband but he likes to spend time with every single person that walks into this house.  Chatty greets us at the door when we come home from work and keeps us company during the day.  Play time is a must in the evening or he’ll bring his toys to our bed in the middle of the night so that we play with him." Taking a Siamese Kitten Home!
 Traditional Siamese cats are wonderful. They are both affectionate and independent.  They follow you around, cuddle to your side while you sleep, and even will ride on your shoulder while you work.  If you have even one Siamese in your home, you are never alone.  These are not dull cats. They can hold real conversations with their owner.  They have such a wide range of tones and ways of expressing themselves, so that even we stupid humans can understand what they are telling us.  YewCats Siamese have deep blue eyes.  They look into your eyes with these beautiful blue eyes and well it is easy for them to train us. It is a magnificent experience to be owned by one or more of these wonderful creatures.

A Seal Point helping with the chores.
Chocolate Mom and Seal Point Dad.
Fun with Siamese Kittens.
A Blue Point Siamese
Seal Point Siamese kitten and Mom

Siamese Kittens Are a Lot of Fun

Kim in San Jose had this to say about her Siamese kitten:
  "This little Siamese kitten is so great! He has adjusted very well, just in these few days.  I have named him Simon. Don't ask me why, it just seems to fit a Siamese kitten like him.  He is already responding to it.  When we can't find him, we call his name and he comes running out from under the sofa, talking a mile a minute.  My son, who loved our Gismo our Siamese kitten that died last summer, has met Simon and he approves.  He is a real joy and we love him dearly."

Brenda in Riverside wrote us about her Siamese kitten:

  "We purchased a Siamese kitten from you last spring and he has turned out to be the most wonderful ball of fire you could ever want.  He leaps, springs, cavorts and tears through the house as if his tail were on fire.  Call him to you though and he's quite content to plop down in your lap and nuzzle away for as long as you'll let him stay.  I've attached a picture below that shows just what a goof ball our Siamese kitten is.  He's actually is truly sleeping in the first picture.  We tried to name him something regal to fit his Siamese stature. Names such as Jasper and Sampson were tried, but he didn't respond to any of them.  Then our 5 year old daughter called him "Blooper" one day and he came running to her.  Amazing that a cat would choose such an odd name, but he liked it and always comes when we call him."

Danny in Tuscon wrote us about his Siamese kitten:

  "You certainly didn't exaggerate about the sweetness of your kittens, I couldn't be more pleased.  He jumps and bounds around like a little wind-up toy such that I find myself laughing out loud at his antics.   I must say that the bonding has begun.  When I leave his sight he has a little kitty fit.  I can't express the pleasure I receive when he crawls into my lap or up onto my chest when I'm seated in my recliner and he stretches out and takes a nap.  He has a really nice little motor (purr) and it starts up at the drop of a hat.  He is eating, drinking,and using the litter box fine.  I must thank you for returning the joy of a cat to my home.  He is currently at my feet untying my shoe laces as I type.  Again, thank you Marie for a great little kitten."

Beth and Charlie wrote wrote us about their Siamese Kitten:

  "We wanted to let you know that we're in love with Sherman;  he's just a great kitten and quite the acrobat.  Phoenix, the dog and he are best pals!"

Beth and Charlie

Sock Warrior

How Do You Get a Traditional Siamese Kitten

To get a pet Siamese kitten you can e-mail me. I do not let the Siamese kittens go until they are litter box trained, drinking water and eating solid food, and have had their first shot.
To answer you, I must have your name, city, and state. Be sure and tell if you want a Himalayan kitten or Siamese kitten.
E-Mail: Phone: (760)-758-0739

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